Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Picture with people

Not a sparkle of sunshine and temps dropped below 15°C on this dull dark day. 
This picture from Crete passed my eyes and I remember I'd made it on a day as dull like today. I also remember that Sweetheart wasn't pleased with me taking this photo of them because they're playing cards and they might kill me for breaking the rule of secrecy. Sweetheart easily preaches drama;  jealousy or paranoia? I take it as his Greek itchiness.
Anyway, it's a picture I like and now even more as the Corona pandemic did forbid us to socialize like this for a very long time and my blip for today is another from flowers and I want it to be with people!

Thank you all lots for your words and rewards upon yester scarlet poppies! 

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