By Ingleman

Arch Rivals

Llanidloes Cemetry.

I planned a walk today and I followed the plan to the letter. Five and a half miles, through delectable Mid Wales countryside, farmland, quiet lanes, riverside and some steep bits. It was a grand day out, but by golly me feet ached. I was meeting Mrs I for tea and cake when I passed this place and stopped in my tracks.
Llanidloes Cemetry, final resting place for many local people and quite a few World War 1 veterans. I must say it was a wonderful resting place for me to tarry awhile and enjoy the sublime peace and calm, shared by these poor souls.

The building is exquisite, with two Memorial Chapels, the Northeastern one for Church in Wales clients, the southwestern one for Non conformist funerals. They are linked to each other by a gothic arched port-cochere and the whole thing close up is fabulous.

Tried to upload last night but the site was down, so two for the price of one tonight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and by the way... If you live in the UK you have until the 23rd of June to opt out of the NHS scheme to sell of your medical records to private companies. Very important decision, if you care about your personal data Google it and act now, time is running out. 

Goodnight sweetheart... 


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