By davidc

Silly Saturday (Are they moles or minions...?!)

Today's the first Saturday of the month, and therefore the day when we have an "official" Silly Saturday challenge to celebrate the late blipper Admirer, who started the idea and hosted it so well with such fun for a long time. Many thanks to 60plus for hosting this month.

There's a front garden not far from us which used to have a neat display of toadstools, fairies and moles (or are they minions? -probably not, they don't look quite right for them). For some time I had in mind to blip it for Silly Saturday as I reckoned it was silly enough, but never got round to doing so. However a few months ago now, the display was vandalised (presumably) as it was all knocked over and messed up - such a silly, mindless thing for someone to do. But it also seems to us a tad silly that the owners haven't tried to put it right again. Oh well - at least it's good fodder for a silly blip!

As you may know I'm currently coordinating the monthly Silly Saturdays, and I'm looking for more volunteers to host it over the next few months. I currently have volunteers for October and probably for another month in the autumn (N Hemisphere) but the other months of the year are vacant. If you'd like to host, please either leave a comment here or email me at davidcblipper@gmail.com. I reckon it's probably definitely the most fun challenge to host!

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