By pensionspoet

Family BBQ

Dan joined us this afternoon for a barbecue. It was overcast but not cold. Lots of food but not over the top, and so nice again to be able to enjoy the garden. I don’t even feel the desire to venture far, even though we can now. I’m happy to be at home.

It has been quite a lazy day. Late getting up. Slowly did a bit of tidying and potted up a few of the small seedlings. Very late, but hopefully my toms will grow. I also positioned my strawberry plants on the ladder at the front. It is something I have wanted to do for ages. I will be sending a photo of it to my little friend Henry in Australia (he is my second cousin’s son, a real cutie) as he also has a strawberry patch. I bet he doesn’t get slugs and snails, but he may well get snakes in his! I think I’d rather the snails. I’ve filled the tops with grit to make it as difficult for the molluscs as possible!

Now just sitting round the fire outside, chilling!

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