By Barking

MM385 - Ready for an adventure

On my way to work this morning, my car died. All the lights came on the dashboard and it lurched. I managed to limp it to a lay by and called RACV. They were going to take 90 minutes, so I tried starting it. The engine light came on, but the car started. I called MrB and we agreed that I should drive it the five minutes home and grab his work Ute to get to school.

I made it to school just in time and taught my class. Then SR followed me up to the mechanics to drop my car off and brought me home.

They can’t find the fault, but have serviced it and the engine light has gone off.

I found a couple of snails in the front garden and took them on a little adventure.

I had a nice walk with SR this evening. Home now for vegetable fried rice.


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