By davidc

MonoMonday: Ready to Paint

Random_angel is hosting MM this week and has chosen "ready" as the challenge.

The sash window renovation continues...multiple layers of old paint are now stripped off this, the upper sash: minor defects have been filled and knotting solution applied. So it's now ready for its fresh paint. The primer will go on tomorrow.

Considering that the windows are almost 120 years old, the wood is in amazingly good condition.

I was a tad disappointed to notice this afternoon that the other (the lower) sash has a tiny crack in the glass in one corner - I wish I'd noticed it before I filled the defects in the wood (I don't think I've caused it). I'm tempted to ignore it but I think it would be better to pop it along to the glaziers tomorrow and see if they can put some new glass in - we might as well do the job properly!

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