By seizetheday

More tales of the unexpected

Today I should have had a relaxing day trip to Leeds on the train, to meet up with Tom and Lucy for the first time in almost 9 months. They had both arranged to take the day off, train tickets had been purchased, and restaurants booked to fit in with train times, allowing plenty of time for delays. What could possibly go wrong?

Arrived at Alnmouth station in plenty of time to discover that, sadly, there had been a fatality on the line, and no trains would be moving for at least the next two hours. Luckily, MrM had come on to the station rather than just dropping me off, and saved the day! He offered to drive me down to Leeds, and instead of a day's walking in the Cheviots he would go to the Dales, an area he loves. So that's what he did.

Despite encountering roadworks and an accident en route, I arrived in Leeds just in time to join Tom and Lucy for a leisurely light lunch at LivinItaly, by the canal. Then a stroll along the canal towpath to Kirstall Abbey, where Tom and Lucy posed for the camera! Back to the Bridge Inn for an evening meal and a drink or two, before MrM arrived, and joined us briefly. All too soon it was time to drop Tom and Lucy back at their respective homes, and say goodbye, after a lovely day. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can meet again.

Then MrM and I headed for Wetherby, where we had booked a room in a cheap hotel for the night. They must have thought we were travelling light!

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