By mambo


Early start from the two guys who were fitting the new French windows that separate the dining area from the conservatory .
As usual it was a much bigger job than they expected due to how the original frame had been built into the wall.
It was the hottest day of the year and the poor guys were really feeling it as the conservatory felt like an oven.
I plied them with plenty of coffee and iced water, in the afternoon l even went to the local Coop to get them two ice lollies. 
Then they replaced all the wooden window in the conservatory sills with composite ones, it now looks so much better. The sills will only need a wipe down when l keep seed trays and plant pots on them in spring. 
There is a photograph in extras that won’t mean much to you but it’s a record for me. 
Can’t clean up and put everything back until tomorrow as some of the materials need to dry out overnight.
Have had Kitty my youngest grandchild all day and she is having a sleepover tonight. We still picked Verity up from schoolyard took her back to Skipton, she looked so tired.
She and l went to get fish and chips at the village chippy for tea and we saw the new zip wire in the park had no one on it so she ran over and had a couple of goes, her glasses flew off the first time, luckily not broken.
Wouldn’t like to have hat to explain that to her mum.
Hard to believe Kitty starts high school in September, she is ready to move up though.

Very hot and humid out, a storm is threatening, wish it would make up its mind as l would like to get on with the watering of the garden.
Feel if l water the garden it will rain, if l don’t the storm clouds will pass over.

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