The sandpit

By DesertCamel

Onion Flowers

Almost missed them. But luckily whilst driving around, spotted a tiny little field of these onion plants. They are so photogenic.

Corona Virus Update
Bahrain recorded 1,279 new cases, 18 fatalities and 2,367 recoveries today

Lockdown to continue for another 2 weeks.  Numbers are starting to drop.
Bahrain started registering a spike in cases from mid-May post Eid Al Fitr festivities.
More than 2,700 Covid-19 infections were reported every day from May 19, with the highest ever daily tally of 3,274 cases on May 29.
Covid-19 deaths remain high with a daily average of over 22 in the last one week.
The country has been fast-tracking its inoculation campaign with more than one-million taking at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Covid-19 infections have dropped to an average of 1,635 cases daily in the last six days, compared with an average of 2,733 daily during the six days prior.

A Covid-19 patient who broke his home quarantine rules has been jailed for three years,  The 34-year-old expatriate was arrested after a video footage of him, outside a restaurant in Manama, was widely shared on social media.
The Asian was seen wearing an electronic bracelet given to Covid-19 patients under home quarantine.

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