Robin at large

By Robin


We finally got to our destination about 5pm yesterday evening. We were pleased to find a musician performing at the terrace next to the bar of our hotel. So we settled for a glass of wine in the sunshine before dinner.

In the morning it was a bit cloudy. We had thought to walk to Whitby along the beach. Fortunately it started raining shortly after we set out so we were able to abandon that idea and take the car instead.

We spent most of the day exploring Whitby on foot and achieved a huge number of steps by the end of the day. There seemed to be a lot of visitors, and the area near the harbour was very busy. Uncomfortably so in the current circumstances. A nice lunch of fish and chips at a restaurant near the harbour.

In the evening we met up with friends who we normally meet at Lake Como. Restaurants are very busy and are all fully booked for evening meals. I had booked dinners at the hotel to be sure of being able to eat in the evening..

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