By dfb24


...the theme for Abstract Thursday, and thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.
It was foggy again this morning....wisps of it around our house, which is a couple of blocks off the lake, but much denser along the shoreline. I drove to South Shore Park and heard one of the men (waiting to put his boat in at the landing) that visibility was only half a mile. I used the fog as my "filter", increasing the light to make the fog look thicker. I was going for the boat to look "ghostly" & barely seen. The iron fence around the walkway was covered in spiderwebs, so I've put one web image into the extras, along with a collage of two labs who were at the beach with their owner. One looked older and sat on the sand, while the other one went full tilt after the ball being thrown into the lake.  I grew up with labs, so these made me smile to watch them. :)

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