By JeanSnaps


A bad day and a good day.  I woke up at 3.30am and never got back to sleep. It wasn't that I was worried or my brain was going into overdrive I just couldn't go back to sleep.  Got up at 5.30am I was so bored.  Made tea and decided to look at Galloway cottages.  I spoke to Veda last night and she fancied Galloway so I was now looking for self-catering for two.  We're picky. We want two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Generally we mostly go our own way on holiday and meet up in the evening to eat and compare notes.  Faffing around with cottages was about all I was fit for.  I only managed to wash clothes and order next weeks groceries.  I couldn't even enthuse about a photo. It was very windy and the sun only came in odd gleams so I dead headed Welsh poppies and found a little beastie sheltering among the stamens.
Veda phoned in the afternoon and things took an upturn.  The cottage she liked best was the one I liked best so it's booked for the beginning of October and we're both happy.  Now all we've got to do is cross our fingers for decent weather and spruce up all our waterproof gear just to be on the safe side.
Off to bed early but couldn't resist an extra of the dramatic sky outside my door.

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