By Ingleman

Current Affairs

My wife asked me today what it feels like to stick your fingers into an electric socket.
I didn't hold back. I told her it Hertz.

After careful consideration and a general lack of anything better I took a picture of this intriguing piece of masonry which I found a few weeks ago in the River Severn at Newtown in Wales. The river was in spate after days of rain. And a lot of debris had washed down from further upstream. We are not far from the source of the river so I was baffled as to the origins of the piece. But not at all perplexed as to where I would put it. As you can see it sits nicely in my garden amongst the London's Pride. I love stuff like this and thought it would be nice in my garden. That's why I took it ohm.

My friend Gary stopped me in the street yesterday and called me a 'unit of electricity'
I replied 'I'm a watt? '

I have enjoyed the last few days of blips, everyone has been so kind, and you all put up some splendid images. I guess in a way, bit by bit, we are revealing ourselves and our daily lives. I find it fascinating. Thanks! 

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