By Boomerang

A day full of highlights

Here I am with my 501st Blip, quite overwhelmed by all the lovely comments, stars and hearts which I received for my Blip anniversary yesterday. A great big thank you to all my Blip friends who have become a special part of my life since I joined Blipfoto in February 2020.
Today, a number of very enjoyable things happened, some of them quite unexpected:
1. A good sighting of the partial eclipse of the sun through a thin layer of cloud.
2. A visit from our lovely niece who we have not seen for nearly a year.
3. A view of a local area of the island from a completely new angle (main) when, on our first walk in five days, friend J and I took a different turning off a familiar path.
4. A super meal at a new restaurant which has just opened up in the village, run by a lovely young couple, using the best local produce they can get their hands on as well as foraged wild foods and garden herbs. Truly innovative flavours made our taste buds zing e.g. Croig crab on squid ink pancake, fennel and lemon (extra). I'm sorry I forgot to photograph the Tobermory Gin drizzle cake and lemon verbena posset.

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