While on my runs

By waipushrink

Right into the singing

I slept late (for me) this morning, and we deferred breakfast until lunchtime.  Drove out south to Penrose to look at cork tiles for the floor at the Woodlands Park Road house. Then to the Bread and Butter cafe for something to eat, and following a little shopping and getting the mail we came north. Early enough for it to be a totally stress free drive.

Did a few things here and then decided to head down to the low tide. But my attention was caught by an insistent and loud song being sung just above the deck. By a Tui. Fortunately it was wanting to be seen, by whichever other Tui was listening. I liked this one best of the three photos I took.

Changed and then ran to the top of the 70+ steps. Once I got out onto the mudflats, I was able to mix running and walking without losing my footing, nor scaring the relatively few birds to be seen at fully low tide. I've decided to add as an extra a photo of a solitary (I think) Tuturiwhatu. Because it appeared to be interested in me rather than frightened and approrached a couple of times to within a few metres.I stayed standing in the one spot, although I twisted around at times and raised the camera intermittently.

ADDITIONAL: Following some advice from Tsuken, I made a couple of minot adjustments which resulted in removal of the orangey cast. I like it much better and its more what these old eyes actually saw.

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