By Yorkshirebred

Canal walk again

Supermarket delivery had me a bit flustered this morning as it was late and I was due to catch the bus to community choir.  The delivery man was very apologetic - and very chatty -probably why he was running late! However, my son had an unexpected day off, and was (finally!) clearing the drive of all the garden rubbish, and going back and forth to the tip.  The choir venue is just around the corner from the tip so I asked for a lift, but he had booked a haircut in Bingley.  No matter, I got a lift to town and decided to walk along the canal to Dowley Gap.  It was a lovely meander along the towpath and I only saw 2 other walkers and a couple of cyclists.  The flag irises and water lilies are out, and near the end of my route there was some beautiful wisteria growing through onto the canal bank.  Pleasantly warm, and a good singing session - lots of hilarity at the expense of the poor melody singers who somehow seemed to have “lost it” this week!  Walked back into town and bought the items missing from my supermarket delivery.  Bus home, and son made tea!  Pretty good day I’d say.  :-)

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