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By walkingMarj

Summer growth in full swing

I did just a short walk today to check out an alternative route for a walk I'm leading on June 23rd. I wanted to avoid the nettles. They are now much higher than when I walked two weeks ago and are vicious.

I have found an alternative. It was not straightforward. I headed towards Mallowburn Cottages - which I keep calling Marshmallow Cottages in my head! - and found myself in their garden. Three people were enjoying a morning coffee, accompanied by a black Labrador.  She was very pleased to see me. The adults were very welcoming and I apologised for obviously being in the wrong place.

It turns out that the actual path goes through very tall nettles, but I was shown an alternative, so this was an alternative on my planned alternative. We should be fine.

I did not go much further because it was so hot and humid but my blip celebrates the delight of an English county walk. It was very windy and you might see some movement in the cow parsley.

Near Barrasford, I called to check if the Herb Paris was still flowering. It is, although slightly the worse for wear. Margret (next door) wants to see it , so she will go tomorrow. It's very rare here.

Back home and I partly stitched up the next bear to find I had forgotten to pick up the stitches for an arm. Ingenuity is now called for!

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