By Viewpoint

Astrantia’s - again!

The garden is full of them at the moment.  I did borrow a few of my neighbours windows to practice multiple exposures using the `bright’ mode in camera.  They worked reasonably well but I didn’t think I’d post them.

Penistone Market first thing and a brief shop in Tesco, but my list wasn’t very comprehensive and I forgot a few things.

Garden:  I managed to plant up the coloured Cosmos into containers, though I still have the white ones to do (and I found a few more coloured ones next to them).  I’ll try and get the majority of the white ones into pots today.  I want to put a few into the garden, but it’s getting very dry and the pheasants are using my spaces as a soil bath.  I also spotted three newly hatched pheasants chicks in the vegetation near the feeders and I think they were more.  I’m not sure they will survive though - too many crows and magpies around us at the moment.  Oh and I saw a very poorly rat coming to scavenge under the feeder.  It had a growth on its neck which was open.  It came within feet of me, so clearly in a bad way.  I had to call in Merv to come and do his stuff.  I’ve never seen one in quite that state before.

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