By Viewpoint

Celebration - I’ve done my Mill Moor circuit today

Today was the first time since my accident that I’ve walked my full Mill Moor circuit, up the hill and through the woods and back down again.  It’s not all that far, less than two miles but it is uphill.  After 5 months I’m not as fit as I was of course, but it felt like a milestone.  I was tired and my ankle did swell up but it went down again after I applied my cold bandage.  I haven’t done too badly as I managed to plant up a few more Cosmos into pots - white ones this time and I’ve also been soaking a couple of places in the garden so I can plant some directly into the ground.

A Zoom meeting for our Yorkshire Creative Photography Group this afternoon with just five of us. Some fantastic imagery and one true `art’ project from GG, which I think deserves art gallery space because of both the quality of the images and the thinking that has gone into it. There was lots shared that made me think and although Ive been my usual prolific self this month I can’t say that I've had a particular project in mind.  I’m still doing lots of experiment with the effects of mutiple-exposure.  (Not including todays Blip.)

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