Summer meadow

Fabulous hot, sunny weather, but we resisted the temptation to go out as today's mission was for me to size the last few walls in the hall ready for papering tomorrow, and for MrM to spend some of the day in the workshop.

This morning we had surprise visitors, Dave and Anne with Fern, their puppy. They're travelling back to Yorkshire tomorrow, and wondered if they could come round today. Of course, and it was lovely to see them. Then time for a quick bite to eat before Martin and Liz arrived - a planned visit for Liz to bring a mandolin for adjustment. They stayed a while for refreshment and a chat.

Time for a quick bit of preparation in the hall while MrM cooked our evening meal. After eating, I finally managed to mix the size and get it on to the walls! By the time I'd cleaned up it was gone 10.00pm - an hour of TV, a much needed glass of red, and bed!

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