By seizetheday

Joys of the countryside

Hottest day of the year so far, but we stuck to Plan A and finished the wallpapering in the hall. Took a tad longer than anticipated, but no matter - it's done! Hooray!

By the time we'd finished it was much too late for a walk in Sidwood, so we opted for somewhere a little closer to home, a walk by the River Coquet near Rothbury. But there were cows in the field at the start of the footpath, and I'm not keen (understatement) on walking through fields of cows, especially when the animals have horns (extra), and quite a few of them did! So MrM suggested a walk through some nearby woods, which was lovely - very lush, with wild flowers in abundance. It even provided an opportunity to demonstrate that my boots are still waterproof, as the path crossed a stream with no bridge or stepping stones!

The extra shows a footpath we passed on the way to the woods. No bull as far as we could see - maybe the local landowners are trying to discourage walkers?

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