When I worked in Berwick, one of my 'duties' was to care for the Triffid, a large Weeping Fig that lived in the office foyer. When we thought the office would close, way back in 2014, it was planned that I should take it home with me. But, thankfully, the office didn't close then, I kept on watering and feeding the Triffid, and it continued to grow... and grow. By the time the office did close, 4 years later, it was so big that it would have been impossible to get it up the stairs to the flat. So it was gifted to the guys in the next-door office, who promised to look after it!

This little weeping fig used to live on the office window sill, and is now in the Music Room. It wasn't doing very well until I repotted it a couple of months ago, and it now seems to be thriving, and growing at a rate of knots. Wonder if MrM realises that it's a Triffid-to-be?!

An indoor Blip as it's gloomy and wet outside again. Ventured out when the rain had eased for a while to collect my repeat prescription, and to buy some marmalade - well, breakfast wouldn't be the same without it! A well-timed outing, as I met a friend who moved to the town not long before the start of lockdown. Planning a socially-distanced meeting when it's warm enough to sit outside comfortably.

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