By JeanSnaps

Light in the darkness.

Lovely warm sunshine today and I'm grateful but tired of the accompanying wind as everything is tossing around and almost impossible to photograph.  Hardly an insect in sight.  I should have gone for landscape but I was too busy cleaning the bathroom and working in the garden.   Scrubbed the bird feeders and the garden furniture which was covered in bird poo.  For an hour or so it was pristine but it didn't last.  Put out fat balls which were demolished in no time along with the holder.  Luckily it's tough and reassembles but won't be filled again till next weekend.  A fair amount of weeding got done.  The compost bin gets emptied tomorrow and as usual is bulging. Managed to stuff in quite a lot of Welsh poppies.  Some came up by the root which was unexpected and good.  Dandelions got zapped.  What I now need to do is tackle the Spanish bluebells.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have such fertile soil.

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