By JeanSnaps

Kite and wind surfers at Elie.

A much chillier day today but still with sunshine and quite a strong breeze.  I did well on the housework front.  Downstairs got a thorough dust.  My compost bin was emptied so I went out and dug up Spanish bluebells.  About fifty or sixty bulbs  got binned and I've still a lot to go.  Really did too much gardening as I ended up hardly able to shuffle to the bin with my trug.  Took to the sofa for a bit and amended my grocery order. By lunch time all my chores were done and I went off to Ardross farm shop and spent a lot on some Cook meals, grass fed lamb, local bacon and wood pigeon breasts as well as local raspberries and some nibbles.  Didn't feel guilty as I only go once in a while. 
Stopped at Elie on the way back. Photographed at Ruby Bay and then went to the harbour.  There were kite surfers in the bay. Pretty skilled by the look of things. I was there for ages watching them zip to and fro,  turning within feet of the shore wall and soaring twenty to thirty feet in the air. Difficult to photograph and keep the kite in the picture.  It looked so exciting and exhilarating It was hard to concentrate on what I was doing.
When I came home Andy brought me a parcel he had taken in so we had coffee and a chat.  When he left a guy appeared from a local milk producer so I am now going to try their deliveries. A lot of conversation as he went to the north of Scotland for the first time recently and loved it.  I do too and was telling him he must go to the Hebrides as well. 
 Found an e-mail had arrived from Alison telling me how she and Bob are getting on in Galloway.  Tomorrow they are going up the Merrick, a Corbett and the highest hill in Galloway. I do hope the weather is good.  When I went up I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

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