By davidc

Psychedelic Sportscar

The occupants of a house not far from us run a car tuning and servicing business and often park interesting vehicles in their drive (or on the street). This jazzy MX-5 occasionally appears and I thought it was time it had its moment of fame on my blip journal.

We're delighted that our Son#2 who lives and works in Bath has arrived today to stay for a couple of weeks: apart from a few hours at Mum-in-Law's funeral in March last year, just before lockdown#1, we've not seen him since Christmas 2019 except on Skype. Son#3 (who still lives in Newcastle) is coming for a meal with us this evening and next weekend Son#1 will join us from Edinburgh for a couple of nights. It's so lovely to be able to socialise just a little bit again!

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