By Hillyblips

Cute Coot Chicks

Down on Tewkesbury canal for twenty minutes with the camera. Not many insects about but the new born coot chicks were wanting tea.

I've been staining the breeze house all afternoon  - boy it was hot and an hour or so ago I looked like a Dalmatian covered in brown spots and Poppy certainly did as she had been sitting next to me! 

I forgot to tell you about the most memorable scenario yesterday: I  locked myself out of the house. Yes we have a secreted spare but the key was in the other side of the lock. Hubs was at the cricket and next door who have spares too were out also. Tammy was in Cheltenham and I didn't want that drive so wandered round wondering how I could get in. By pure chance I had forgotten to shut a bathroom window - I thought I'd shut every window going but obviously not. Found a locked up ladder and ended up climbing up, over railings and across the roof to sidle tightly and ungraciously in over a sink feet first.

Lesson learnt that if I could do it so could someone else, will double check absolutely everything every time from now on as I usually do but was pretty chuffed that I managed the feat.

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