Robin at large

By Robin

Cooling Mat

Cosmo invited us over for a BBQ today. When we arrived she showed us her new "cooling mat". Judging by her expression I am not sure it is very effective. The idea is that when she sits or lies on it there should be a cooling effect. When I felt the mat it seemed quite hot to me, but perhaps it is not designed to work in full sunshine. The idea is to put it in her car seat to make the seat more comfortable for her in warm weather.

The BBQ went well. I was appointed BBQ chef and I managed not to burn anything which was good. A warm afternoon, but we decided to eat inside as my shirt was attracting too much attention. The colours and the pictures of peaches on the shirt were too much tempting for the wasps. I put a less flamboyant jacket over the shirt and that did seem to help, and the wasps lost interest in me.

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