By Freyjad

Hybrid Duck

I've been clearing out and having a tidy up today. -  mainly the boiler room which seems to be the place where we put things which may just "come in useful". Anyway I've been ruthless and now it looks neat and well organised.  I took everything to the re-cycling centre where once you get to the point where you can't change your mind and turn around, the management had very helpfully placed a sign warning of a 45 minute wait. Fortunately it wasn't quite that long but progress was very slow.

When I see this duck I always think he has striking good looks - he's larger than many of the other ducks but sadly he's often on his own.  It was too dull for insects today and there weren't many birds around either, hence my blip of the duck.  Thank you for visiting my journal, it's very much appreciated.

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