By dunkyc

Tear it down

I had been congratulating myself on my organisational skills in getting a load of birthday cards bought and sorted in plenty of time in advance of said birthdays. 

I even went as far as blipping about it (that too must have been a slow news day), but purchasing and writing the cards is only half the battle as they’re not much use just sat on your desk. Hence, I enjoyed a brief, panicked detour to the post office after dropping the children off at school this morning.

We’ve all got a busy week ahead with the deadline looming for the school’s talent show, we’ve still more President Teddy footage to capture if Matty is to deliver her maximum octopus (magnum opus). That will have to keep until Wednesday now.

Work was busy and dull, so I took a wander along the river after work and was delighted to see a family of swans and cygnets (extra) as I headed out, followed by this egret on my back in. There was another one, which was black and doing a lot of diving under the surface, I can only assume this was a young ‘un?

Been enjoying Rag’n’Bone Man’s latest album from which this one is taken and has been on the jogging playlist for a while.

Looking forward to getting back to it if my left foot ever chooses to heal up! 

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