By dunkyc

In my defence

Some cyber attacks come in the form of requests for information.

The besieged site doesn’t just receive a couple here and there, no, millions of times over computers from all over the world request information from one concentrated source over a sustained period until finally the target can take it no more and its hull is breached or it just collapses altogether.

Keep this in mind if you are ever considering have more than no children. The requests for information are not complex, but they are frequent, can take you down in a short space of time and tend to be looped. Observe:-

“Daddy, where’s my drink?”
“Daddy, where’s my brother?”
“Daddy, why is there jam on the ceiling?”
“Daddy, why is your eye twitching?”
“Daddy, why did you put your hand in the molten hot glue?”
“Daddy, what does “f*ck my **se, that hurt you m*th* f***pa” mean?
“Daddy, why are you crying?”
“Daddy, how do you unglue your hand from the table?”
“Daddy, why are you lying on the floor twitching?”
“Daddy, where’s my drink?”

For this reason, you need a firewall, an anti-virus to keep these attacks at bay and it is for precisely this reason that God invented noise-cancelling headphones.

It doesn’t mean that the attack isn’t happening, it just means that you’re not aware of it and therefore don’t care about it, which is a much better thing in the long run.

Happy parenting!

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