By JackyMT

New library book

Got it the other day. Not started it yet as i am reading another at the moment. Its very thick and heavy but i will get through it have no fear lol

A bit cooler today thank goodness so we got some pruning done on the honeysuckle which was invading next doors garage. Dont want to cause her to have one of her hissy fits. She had a big row with the neighbour on the other side last week called her an old bag told her all the neighbours hated her quite the reverse actually and all because the woman asked her to move some trees that were in pots and pushing her fence over.

I see they've moved the "back to normal" goalposts again. They should have closed the borders earlier but no they let people come back and bring the new variant in. Oh don't let me get started or I'll never stop. We will never be back to "normal" whatever normal is/ was.

Otherwise thats it folkes cheerio

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