By lizzie_birkett

Happy Birthday to Me! (E)

67 years old! Some days I still feel like a kid, some days I feel like a grown up but I never feel as old as I actually am and it sounds weird when I say my age - where did all those years go? 
The sun is shining here in Leeds and the thermals are back in the winter cupboard!
Frank is putting money towards an overlocker for me but he also gave me a Fatface voucher. We went into the city centre so I could go in the shop but I found it so difficult to look at the clothes closely while wearing a mask and steamed up glasses that I said I'd look on line.
We did go to the Vegan Supermarket though and got Cornish Pasties and Custard Slices for lunch. I've never seen such an array of yumminess! (See extra) Back on Salads tomorrow!

I love Leeds but found it so noisy - lots of roadworks and building going on, traffic and music on every corner - which was nice. We're just not used to such assaults on the senses anymore since lock down!

Sitting on the back deck is a great place for people watching.  It's a very multi cultural place. Bella has made friends with the other boaters and loves the attention.

I'm going to read my book now!
Hope the sun is shining for you too. 

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