By Ingleman

Knee Deep

Today has arrived. Big day at the Moat, dredging and clearing the pool of years of accumulated sludge, pond weed, pebbles and golf balls (!!)
We three men brave and true, donned waders and armed with implements we entered the murky depths.
It was fascinating, fantastic and so interesting. Also very mucky and a teeny bit smelly.
We worked together and by mid day had cleared the pool of all weed, and lillies were salvaged to go back in at a later date.
The bonus for us was the safe retrieval of 12 fine carp, 8 very frisky frogs, numerous specimens of aquatic life including 3 leeches!
I hate leeches. Leeches suck.
There is a lot more work to be done but the wildlife was transferred to the sparkling waters of the lily pond and will be quite happy there until we complete the pool operation over the next few weeks.
Kermit loves Lily, don't tell Miss Piggy. 

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