By Veronica

Beside the seaside

We decided to go to the beach today, first time this year. It perhaps wasn't a good idea to go during the hottest part of the day, as the car thermometer read 34C and we only had a tiny beach umbrella. But we spent an hour having lunch in the shade at a bar. I never have great expectations of the food at beachside bars, but this one exceeded them, which is always nice. We had sea bass "en gondole" which means kept whole but split down the middle and with all the bones neatly removed. The one other time I have had fish served like this was in a very fancy restaurant. It was served with braised fennel and a nice selection of vegetables. And we finished with traditional classic île flottante.

Also I went in the water twice. Later in the afternoon the wind got up and the kitesurfers were out in force (blip). We're now back home, pizza and football at the bar this evening (I will be skipping the football).

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