By norfolkdoc

Flute choir

Backblipped on 15th June - I'm behind again!

All quite a lot more spread out than pre-pandemic.  And we have plastic shields, as invented by the tutor and her partner, on our flutes to try to avoid droplet spread.  That's my alto flute, and music stand just in front of me - and no - I wasn't shirking, this was taken during the first nine bars of an adaptation of Bruckner's Ave Maria, when only the upper flutes are playing.

Goodness, it's so nice to be playing together again.

Interestingly, the large canopy I pictured last week has gone - I assumed it would be there for the summer, in an effort to increase the usable space.  Perhaps they are anticipating (foolishly, in my opinion) the final full release of lockdown.  Perhaps they believe we don't need protection for the summer?

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