By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Reflections (but not on water)

At first glance you may think this shows clouds, trees and a house reflected in a lake or pond. However it's actually a reflection on the roof of our (dark blue) car. And the white splodge near the top? - yes you guessed, guano! (Better get it cleaned off soon.)

This was a quick fisheye blip after a busy day. This morning, apart from putting the final coat of gloss on the window sashes (see here: they're not put back yet and I've still got a fair bit of work to do on the frames) I had to make umpteen phone calls to the hospital to sort out the date of my Dad's follow-up visit following his overnight attendance last Thursday. (The appointment was supposed to occur "automatically" but as I know the workings of NHS admin very well I wasn't surprised to find that it would never have happened without my intervention!). Then this afternoon I was actually in a different hospital, but in a "retired professional" capacity: I was honoured to be asked to be part of a 4-person panel judging 15 presentations of their research work by junior medical staff in the region's eye departments. The standards were very high indeed but we were unanimous about the winner.

Many thanks as always to Bobsblips for looking after the Widwed challenge.

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