By davidc

Tiny Tuesday: Vegetable

Trisharooni would like Tiny Tuesday blips on the theme of "vegetable" today.

I wondered about a little parsley leaf but my Editor told me, "that's a herb, not a vegetable"! Well of course I always (?!!?) do what I'm told so I agreed not to photograph that. As an alternative she kindly suggested a pea.

So this is a single pea, still in its mangetout pod. It's very tiny, only about 3x5 mm. I had to split the pod open to get the pea to stand out nice and sharp (taking care not to dislodge the peas), and used light from the window as a backlight, along with the macro lens & extension tubes. (Because it's almost 2-dimensional it didn't need focus stacking.) If you look large you can even see the cellular structure of the pod and the veins show up quite well. What fun - I love what you can see on a macro photo that you don't see naked eye.

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