Fathers' Day

We've had a lovely Fathers' Day.

Son#1's been staying with us from Thursday (until tomorrow) - it's many years since he was with us on Fathers' Day as he's lived in the USA for 14 years (but is in the process of moving back to the UK to a job in Edinburgh).

Son#3 lives in Newcastle so he could come easily. And my Dad (now aged 96) still lives in Newcastle so he came too.

First my Editor cooked us a lovely lunch then we went to Whitley Bay for some fresh air - fortunately we just managed to get to the Rendezvous Cafe (on the promenade) before the heavens opened - so of course we had to have a cuppa until the rain stopped. Then there was a lovely rainbow over the sea (see the extra).

"What about Son#2?", you may ask. Well he lives in Bath so he couldn't be here, but he texted his good wishes this morning and we arranged for a Skype chat after we got home from the seaside.

So in the photo are 3 generations: from left to right we have Son#1, Son#3, Yours Truly, my Dad, and in front on the Skype screen Son#2. (If you're wondering what the weird object just disappearing off the right of the photo is, it's a totem pole - blipped almost 5 years ago, here.)

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