By Tryfan46

Joy Ruth Farrington

It was the funeral of our next door neighbour today. A simple ceremony and wake. Nevertheless, despite the circumstances, it was a very warm and inviting event.

As is often the case we learned so much about the person who lived next door to us for over 20 years and all too late. It was a small glimpse into her world, her family and many of the little details that characterised her life which were unfamiliar to us but so familiar to them.

The wake was excellent, with an afternoon tea served at your table. Members of Joy’s family circulated talking and thanking everyone for coming. It was very relaxing sitting with our neighbours talking about a whole gamut of topics.

In other news, we discovered today that the trees in the area proposed for the new allotments are covered by a Tree Protection Order. We hope this will make a huge difference to our campaign to keep our allotments.

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