By Greygranite1745

Glorious Day

A day spent around Grantown on Spey - firstly to Old Spey Bridge where there were great drifts of lupins on the river Bank. Below the arches of the bridge we spotted a pair of dapper dippers, and were charmed by a family of mallards, the youngsters following the female by apparently running across the surface of the water, both grey and pied wagtails.

Later a walk up through the woods to Dreggie. Here beneath the trees which included hazels and occasional aspen, there was a rich flora -most notably the tiny stars of yellow pimpernel, an abundance of greater stitchwort, just going over the blue spikes of bugle, wood cranesbill, wood avens and a large patch of sunny yellow rock roses.

The extra shows a fence post wearing a green toupee of wood sorrel.

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