Stop The Car....... COLOR!!!!!

We have been in  a weather pattern that is from the Northwest, bring in thunderstorm after thunderstorm, after thunderstorm.   I have only gotten out on my bike one evening this week!
       While out helping Alice today, we drove we drove  by this yardart.  It was twirling in the freshening wind as another thunderstorm was coming. 
      Molly has to go in for surgery tomorrow.  She has an abscess in her upper jaw.  It has to be opened and drained before it gets up in her nasal cavities.   Because she has a short nose she is prone to  infections in her sinuses, and leaping into her eye and/or brain.   The best outcome is she looses a canine tooth and drains the abscess, without drilling.   Thats what I am rooting for.
       Since she is going under anesthesia, I am also having her other teeth cleaned.      And since Molly is going in, I decided to have Abby's teeth cleaned as well.  The girls will have each other to commiserate with.  Tomorrow will be a very long day until I get that phone call.

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