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Mainly Eorropaidh

I’m never very sure of how to spell the Anglicised version of our trip today, so I’m risking the Gaelic. Two years ago a highlight of my visit here was the tiny ancient church dedicated to St Moluag, and when I’m home and not peering at my phone I’ll maybe link to that post; today my friend Sr Clare came for us and led us at some speed up the undulating road over the peat to pay another visit - and to sing the lovely plainsongAve Maria.

Later, on our own, we marched down the path to the huge dunes and onto the beach, where we spent ages photographing the wild sea. Waves are so addictive …

We also saw the memorial to the fishermen who lost their lives off this shore when their boat was smashed on the rocks. They died watched by the entire village from the promontory where we finished, unable to help after an attempted rescue almost killed the rescuers as their boat too disintegrated under the pounding surf. We could visualise it all too readily.

Posting a pic of Himself on the wonderful beach before collapsing into unconsciousness…

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