Birthday boy

Happy Birthday Dad. Dad and I were killing time waiting for mum so we indulged ourselves with coffee and a pastry.   One of my favourite things about Waitrose is their cherry lattice!

I bought Dad a birdbath so he can enjoy watching the birds in the garden.  Now we are all twitching away to see which bird we spot giving it a go first.  

I spent most of the evening sneezing away due to being liberally sprinkled with dust. Our shower extractor fan had stopped working so Ian took the top off and I reached up and gave it a good going over with my trusty cleaning toothbrush to dislodge some dust in the hope that would tempt it back to life.  I got him to switch it back on to test it before we popped the cover back on and the fan whizzed away and covered me in yet more dislodged dust!  At least that got it working again and saved an electrician visit.

Then in the evening it was time to watch a bit more of the Euros - go Wales! They had a win against Turkey, despite Gareth Bale missing a penalty! I don’t think I have ever seen him miss one before.  Never mind, he soon made up for it by setting up a couple of goals.

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