By Beinghere

A Garden Collage

I’m having a very slow day for some reason. I could quite happily have done nothing at all today. However, food shopping needs to be done or I don’t eat, so I went to St Andrews and bought food and drink for the next four weeks. I hate shopping. Not due to the pandemic. I’ve always hated it, but, of course, now it’s a bigger consideration. Anyway, it’s done.
Geordie and I went to Hamilton Wood this afternoon. It’s just a mile or so outside town, so very handy. It’s not a big wood, and doesn’t compare at all with Shell Bay wood, our happy place, but fine for a wee walk. We met Karen and Loki who we haven’t seen since we were last in the wood, so it was good to catch up.
Gary came and cut the grass, and stopped for a cuppa and catch-up, and, of course, a ball throwing session with Geordie.

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