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Amplitude ...........

 ............. of an abstracted Heuchera in the garden.

Concentric shape for AT312 - wonderfully hosted by Ingeborg (thank you).

This is Thursday uploaded on Friday.

Smile for the Day:

Black tarmac and red tarmac at chatting at a bar.

Black tarmac:  No one messes with me.

Red tarmac:  Yeah? How come?

Black tarmac:  I'm black tarmac, I'm the toughest tarmac, tougher than any other

Green tarmac walks in.  

Black tarmac cowers behind red tarmac as green tarmac orders a drink, drinks it and leaves.

Black tarmac:  Hey red tarmac, has green tarmac left?

Red tarmac:  He has, why are you afraid of him? I thought you were the toughest tarmac?

Black tarmac:  I am the toughest tarmac but that guy's a cycle path!

(Think about it, think about it!!)


~ Anni ~

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