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Goslings ............

 .............. curious cows, tractors, old cars, motorcycle bum guy, bridge, old building, huge agricultural vehicle, porta-potty and, last but not least, a pretty pink bush for FlowerFriday17_2022.

A varied day on the road - 350 miles east today from a good hotel to a hidden gem of a hotel.      

I wouldn't normally take a photo of a toilet however this one was in the middle of nowhere and absolutely immaculate - even down to a spare toilet roll!!!     Says a lot for Canada I reckon.
You may also notice that one of the old vehicles has my name on it - literally.
The agricultural vehicle was so big that I could have driven under it with loads of room to spare ........... massiiiive!

Onward, eastward tomorrow - yesterday I was in Carlyle,  Saskatchewan - can you guess where I'm sleeping tonight from the clues??    
Oh and the 15th June photo was in Jamestown, North Dakota - well done, Skeena - I knew you would know!!!!!   :o))

I hope you are enjoying my travels as much as I am - I was thinking, as I was driving ............ it's not always the destination but the journey that is the most important.


~ Anni ~

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