It's been a lovely day down here and we went for a jolly. We drove down to Kingswear and took the passenger ferry over the river to Dartmouth. First stop was to book for lunch. The Angel was fully booked, so was The Seahorse but thankfully Rockfish could take us. Having sorted that we needed a coffee and went to the Bayards Cove Inn. We then set off for a bit of a walk along the coast path so we could feel like we'd earned our meal.

We didn't walk too far. By the time we got to Dartmouth Castle it was time to turn back. As we went through St Petrox churchyard there was a chap documenting some the old graves. He pointed out some interesting wording on one. It said a woman was "relict" and explained that this a was a term that meant widowed. An interesting phrase indeed in its social context.

We had a good meal at Rockfish (Dover Sole for Marian, crab for me) but decided to have an ice cream from Platform 1. If you have sharp eyes you might be able to see Marian being served towards the right hand side of the old railway building in the middle of my blip. That's the Angel on the right of the picture. Dartmouth's a lovely town, we've decided we must do it more often.

I've added an extra of the much photographed boat on the quayside at Bayards Cove with the fort behind.

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