By JeanSnaps

Buttercups at Corstan tower.

Am I developing an interest in housework in my old age ?   I hope not.  I spent quite a large amount of time today dusting upstairs and cleaning my computer and keyboard as I have never cleaned them before.  And I seem to have become hypnotised by my new little stick vacuum.  Roomba cleaned up downstairs yesterday but I  vacuumed the entire house today and even tackled my sofa.  I could probably have fed the five thousand with the crumbs buried in the cushions.  Cleaned an upstairs  phone where the batteries had leaked fairly spectacularly.  I'm leaving it till tomorrow  putting new batteries in.  Certainty that it is bone dry is needed.
A card came through the letterbox at lunchtime.  Handmade by Courtney thanking me for her birthday present back in May.  It included photos of the birthday girl so something new for the kitchen noticeboard.  Eventually got into the front garden and dug up a horde of aquilegia seedlings plus Welsh poppies and grass.  I've been ignoring this little patch but it's on it's way out.   Afterwards I went to photograph.  I didn't have much time so went to a favourite lay-by at Strath.  Lots of buttercups beside the Corstan tower.  Almost made me feel bad about the ones I'd just dug out at home.

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