The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Free day with Evie's ghost

My massage patient booked for this morning had already postponed her appointment. As I was having breakfast, my friend rang to cancel our lunchtime coffee. As it was raining, I didn't mind, and decided to stay at home and have a reading day, concentrating on both the book and film versions of Mrs Dalloway, for my WEA class.

Things didn't work out this way. I discovered I had a webinar to watch about the new Early Years Foundation Stage, that was 100 minutes long. Then I had lunch. Washed the beautiful new duvet set that I'd bought the other day at a discount store, and found that the pillowcases don't match the cover! They're a completely different pattern. Definitely a first world problem.

When the postie arrived, she brought a book, Evie's Ghost, that I'd ordered after seeing it the other day at Hellens house in Much Marcle. The storyline is influenced by a real-life happening at Hellens. It's a children's/YA story, but that has never bothered me. I started reading straight away

Then there was a football match, Czech Republic versus Coatia. I used to live in the former Czechoslovakia. Still no Virginia Woolf. When my friend Dave texted me to ask how I was getting on with Mrs Dalloway, I almost snapped, and told him I now have five jobs and have to attend the zoom class in two different sessions, so I really couldn't care less about Mrs D. It's the truth, I realise.

Then I made some enquiries about joining an online book club (Shedunnit), but not this month. I think I may have to let the WEA classes go for a while, even though I'll have Wednesdays free from September.

Eventually I cooked supper. Fish, and new potatoes and salad. Now we're watching THE football match, England Vs Scotland. 54 minutes in, and the score is nil-nil. We're a divided household tonight, but Steve's getting fed up with England. As a Scotland supporter, I'm wary of boasting.

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