By gennepher

Saturday's painting...


I have a bumblebee nest in my roof space immediately above my bed head...
They are Tree bumblebees.
Some are quite big bumblebees.
I seem to have quite a lot. They are getting in through a cracked piece of concrete...
My garden has just about every flower they like, and the stuff in my garden is all year round for them.
They are pollinating my raspberries at the moment.
I have winter heathers, pussy willow, blackberries, apple trees, cotoneaster, chives, dog roses, snowberry, fuchsia and much more.
If I turn the sensitivity control up on my cochlear speech processor I can hear them above me while sitting in my bed. Noisy things they are!
I think it might be quite a big nest. The activity is quite busy.
I am quite happy for them to be there. They cause no damage (like wasps who 'eat' the wood). I don't think the workers sting. Well I have never been stung yet and they have landed my arm and hand.
The reason why I notice them is because their entrance point is immediately above my bedroom window which is open, and sometimes they come into my bedroom to investigate...

So, a Tree bumblebee pollinating my raspberry flowers in Procreate.

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